THRESHOLD Episode 32: The Siege of Ölengrad (Part I)

The party is reunited and encounters some mysterious elves outside the Cold Iron Gate.

One thought on “THRESHOLD Episode 32: The Siege of Ölengrad (Part I)”

  1. O.O…. wow….

    Will the group make it, will Christine and Gregory finally get there honeymoon, Will Rasper find the ever flowing mug of ale, will jamie v0.1 over come his Daddy issues, Will there be a surprise werewolf mauling in Vel’s future find out all these things and more next time….

    But yeah apart from that.. xD i asked on the one shot group if there where any followers of Threshold and i got a couple of people who basically found it recently just like me… you guys rock at telling a story, as well as well making me laugh keep it up..

    Also… will rasper ever consider opening his own Bar.. but then again.. he may end up drinking the profits….. unless its for dwarf’s… they are the only people i can see keeping up with his drinking habits

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